"...the most radical proposal came from University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Architecture, which broke all rules by ditching the ivory pieces for chunky Lego Duplo..." -Fast Company
Lego 601 is the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture’s entry to the Museum of Science and Industry’s year-long exhibition, Brick by Brick, seeking to examine architecture’s effect on future urban conditions through Lego. 

Lego 601 broadly considers the cultural and institutional norms and standards that ultimately influence the conditions of our collective future. Rather that suggest a specific technology or artifice as the way forward towards a vibrant and “sustainable” future, the form simply proposes the attitude that such a future can only be achieved through optimistic and unapologetic rule breaking.Through the juxtaposition of the orderly plinth with its historical reference and the unruly, playful object we suggest that solutions to future conditions can only be discovered through unconventional and disobedient methods, proposing that architecture today must identify and challenge preconception to gain escape velocity from contemporary anxieties.

Project Team: Spencer McNeil (Project Lead), Andrew Jennings (Project Lead), Preston Welker, Jamie Goldsborough, Tyler Boyett, U Kei Long, and Andy Lang.


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