The project is concerned with the ways in which furniture engages, rather than occupies architecture, examining the ability of objects to respond to spatial constraints and shifting atmospheric conditions. Designed objects must engage the three-dimensional physicality of a room, opposed to merely being placed in plan. 
The stools are upholstered to resemble the texture of the board-formed concrete columns of the gallery in which they live, and stacked to complete their disguise. They are able to both hide—pretending to be architecture, and interact with the gallery—re-configuring to perform various formations and functions. The upholstery technique was devised to mimic the board-formed texture within the realm of textile arts, to create a new materiality exclusive of either. Each of the eight individual units has a unique leg profile, to create difference in a set of like objects. The resulting set of furniture objects may be simultaneously used in and used as architecture.


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