Created on the occasion of YAP New York City at MoMA PS1, January 25th, 2018, organized by MoMA, as part of the Young Architects Program.

Loud Lines makes buildings of drawings. Expanding on the problem of the line within the architectural discipline, Loud Lines transforms two-dimensional lines into three-dimensional volumes. Lines become spatial as well as material, inviting PS1 party-goers to inhabit the courtyard “between the lines”. Loud Lines are formally idiosyncratic as they abide by structural vector logics but feature peculiar intersections. Loud Lines are materially variable as they are both colorless (black by day) and vibrantly colorful (pulsing a neon glow by night). Loud Lines exude atmosphere, cooling the courtyard with misting water and rendering their perceived solidity as porous. Loud Lines present themselves as both bold urban icons (encroaching on the tired skyline) and background frames (shaping the backdrop of the party). Bucking the tradition of canopies and objects, Loud Lines offers a series of drawn frames that form a variety of rooms each with their own spatial characteristics, suggesting a multitude of possibilities in terms audiences and engagement.

Designers: Kelly Bair & Kristy Balliet
Structural Consultants: Walter P Moore, Kais Al-Rawi, Quinton Champer
Project Team: Chaoqun Chen, Jose Garcia, Andrew Lang, Spencer McNeil, Ruta Misiunas
Project Assistants: Stephanie Delles, Amanda Dellevigne, Josh Kuhr, Preston Welker


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