Following an examination of typical suburban ranch house, a Manifesto of Idiosyncratic Architecture was developed, not as type of inverse building code, but rather as a guide or catalog of decisions made without context, to ensure all decisions are considered, and not merely an adherence to convention. 
The form starts with a gesture, a squiggle, fast and casual—but not careless. This is followed and juxtaposed with rigid systems of control. The three houses, one small and one large single family home, and a duplex, use a common, reduced palette and kit of parts, and the same logic for the distribution and arrangement of interior space. The houses also use a similar logic for the arrangement of apertures, but that result in noticeable but perhaps indefinable differences. My goal was to create houses that fit into their context at first glance, but upon investigation, are found to live outside the world of domestic architecture, but not within the bounds of commercial or institutional building either, using the manifesto as guide to push the houses in a neither/nor category, where they are both clearly domestic and and clearly not, and clearly suburban and clearly not.


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